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Cylindrical Threaded Coupling Connectors are available for many applications from commercial and industrial use to the most stringent, high-reliability military and space applications. They provide for minimum effort in usage and therefore have high economy upgrades for existing applications and provide for simplified design for new and interface equipment. High-quality manufacturing processes and materials combine with exact design standards and ensure optimum performance and reliability under extreme environmental conditions. These threaded coupling connectors are designed and manufactured in conformance with JSS 50812 and MIL-C-5015.
JSS 50812/MIL-C-5015 designates several classes of connectors to meet different requirements. Class designations and brief descriptions are listed below:
A- Solid Shell for general, non-environmental applications.
C- Pressurized: for use on pressurized bulkheads or pressure barriers, limits air leakage regardless of type and class of plug mated with them.

E/F- Environmental Resisting with Strain Relief: designed for applications where connectors will be exposed to moisture, vibration and rapid changes in pressure and temperature.
R- Lightweight Environmental Resisting: shorter in length and lighter in weight than E and F classes, R offers a high degree of reliability under adverse conditions; recommended for new design applications.
Series SEE Cylindrical Connectors are manufactured in conformance to class E/F.

  • Features:

Series SEE connectors satisfy all the performance requirements of JSS 50812 / MIL-C-5015 and are recommended for conditions where vibration, moisture, pressure and/or temperature are extremes. Strain relief is supplied on most shell sizes.
1. Shells: Shell components are fabricated from high-grade aluminium alloy. The standard hardware plating is electrically conductive cadmium plated with an olive drab chromate passivation for corrosion resistance. Other plating options include nickel plating, chrome plating and black passivation.
2. Contacts: Contacts are silver plated copper alloy for maximum corrosion resistance, maximum current carrying capacity and low milli-volt drop. Crimp and solder termination is also available.
3. Inserts: Resilient Poly-chloroprene inserts provide an outstanding moisture barrier, high dielectric strength and resistance to vibration. Either pin or socket inserts can be pressurized. Other inserts options include silicon.

  • Strain Relief Clamp:

Strain Relief clamps minimize tension at the solder connection and provide a positive mechanical moisture seal. Complete field serviceability is possible with the strain relief clamp.

  • SE-00 E/F Series (MS 3100 E/F Series) Wall Mounting Receptacle
  • SE-01 E/F Series (MS 3101 E/F Series) Cable Connecting Receptacle
  • SE-02 E Series (MS 3102 E Series) Box Mounting Receptacle
  • SE-06 E/F Series (MS 3106 E/F Series) Straight Plug
  • Contacts: Machined copper alloy contacts in a full range of sizes. A heavy silver-plated finish is deposited on all solder contacts for maximum corrosion resistance, maximum current carrying capacity and low milli-volt drop.
  • Protection Cap – Plug
  • Protection Cap – Receptacle
  • Dust Cap – Plug & Receptacle
  • Sealing Plug
  • Panel Cutouts
  • Sealing Gasket


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