Top Features:

“SMC” the hall marker in industrial control panels and accessories, we have new standards and have invaded new horizons of technology with the addition of recently developed FILTER GRILL KIT. “SMC” FILTER GRILL KITS are used under normal conditions to provide cooling free from dust, moisture and any atmospheric impurities up to 20 microns size particles.

“SMC” FILTER GRILL KIT is distinctive, aesthetic, functional and safe. Due to their unique design, they optimally match to the cooling requirement of all type of control panel system, super slim line, speedy mounting and high performance, optimized grill design with regard to noise generation and air volume.

The product carries sleek & unique design which also enhances the aesthetics of the electrical panels.


  1. Powerful Axial Fans can be fitted to operate in a BLOWING or EXTRACTING Mode.
  2.  The enclosure interior is cooled through the in-feed of filtered external air.
  3.  The atmospheric dust contains some metal fine particles which form a conductive layer on electronic circuit boards, thus become the cause of failure. This can be avoided by using the “SMC” FILTER GRILL KIT.
  4. Widely used for installations in industrial fields like Electronic, Electrical, Engineering, Textiles, Plastic, Laboratory, Medical and much more.
  5. Fully compatible with the cut outs and fixing holes of all the existing fan modules available in the industry.
  6. The Quick assembly System
  7.  The Filter for cleaning purpose is accessible from outside of enclosure with Systems in Working Condition.
  8. Snap- Type Fixing to Facilitate Mounting.
  9. The Filter pads are quickly changed with no need for Tools.


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