Top Features:

HIM STRIP is a transparent soft PVC material having outstanding see-through qualities which allow light to pass through with minimum distortion but does not allow harmful ultraviolet rays to enter. HIM STRIP offers a range of flexible PVC Strip doors for commercial and industrial applications designed to suit the prevailing weather conditions. These doors can be designed by using lightweight HIM STRIP with a small overlap for internal pedestrian doors to heavy grade HIM STRIP with maximum overlap for the most exposed doorways.
HIM STRIP Doors are the most economical solutions to protect your employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, humidity, dust, insects and drafts where an un-interrupted passage is essential.

  • HIM STRIP Doors can adapt to any kind of traffic irrespective of the frequency due to its excellent flexibility and visibility. Hence ensuring the safety of collision at the workplace and improving the productivity at the same time.
  • HIM STRIP Doors help in saving energy through temperature retention and control of heated or cool airflow.
  • HIM STRIP Doors are manufactured with rounded edges to protect passerby against sharp or blend edges.
  • HIM STRIP Doors are self-extinguishing material in normal atmospheric conditions, as it needs 23-24% of oxygen to catch flame but normally atmosphere contains approx.
  • HIM STRIP Doors reduces noise level up to 15 dB depending on the thickness of strips.
  • It is easy to clean HIM STRIP Doors by using mild soap and water, for deep cleaning 5% ethanol is mixed with 95% of water and can be cleaned with soft cloth or sponge.


  1. Reduces loss of heated or cooled air
  2. Restricts movements of smoke, fumes and dust
  3. Excellent strength & durability
  4. Restricts birds and flying insects
  5. Increases employees comfort
  6. Allows natural light to pass through
  7. Isolates noisy machinery
  8. Minimum maintenance.

It is important to select the correct parameters of strip door to achieve the optimum effectiveness. Our door converters/dealers have the required expertise to design the strip doors with correct thickness, width and grade of the strip along with hardware according to the need of your site.


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