Top Features:

Benefits of using LED technology:

  1. More power to light instead of power to heat
  2.  Reduced power consumption up to 70%
  3.  No light pollution. A direct coherent light source with a high contrast at lower levels and zero light overspill.
  4.  Pure light. Excellent visual acuity. Ideal for CCTV covered areas.
  5.  Impact resistant casing. Reduces the effects of vandalism.
  6.  Long lifespan. Eliminates maintenance cost on the bulb or CFL replacements.
  7.  Proven technology in a cost effective package.

Designed to be used for interiors:

  1. Office lighting
  2. Display lights in shops and malls
  3. Lights for classrooms
  4. Lights for warehouses and workshops

Designed to be used for exteriors:

  1.  Street lighting
  2. Car park lighting
  3. Children’s play areas.
  4. Street furniture including bollards and road signs
  5.  Floodlight fittings including architectures lighting
  6. Walkways & footpaths
  7. Public shelters and bus shelters

With Solar Panels:

  1. Less installation cost when using solar powered solutions
  2. Useful to provide lighting where no main supply exists, like remote park areas and perimeters
  3. Self-contained units that require minimal maintenance
  4.  Up to 12 hours light from the standard batteries, with capacity for additional power storage, were required.


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