Top Features:

Electronic Moving Message Displays (Rolling Displays):

  1. Flight and Train information displays
  2. Variable message signs on highways bus display |
  3. Scoreboards


  1. Single line / Multi-line o Single colour / Multicolour
  2. Multilingual. Animated graphics o Daylight visibility
  3. Seven letter styles (fonts) o Editing facility at users discretion
  4. Rugged, weatherproof construction to suit outdoor conditions.
  5. Keyboard / Computer Interface o Onsite Programming
  6. 125 Pages memory (Expandable) o 40 Presentation styles.


  • Indoor / Outdoor advertising o Scoreboards
  • Flight scheduling and information o Train Arrival / Departure information
  • Pollution level indication o Temperature indication
  • Humidity indication o Token number indication
  • Exchange rate indication o Interest rate indication
  • Gold and Silver rate display

ANDON (Industrial) Display:
Surya Marketing Corporation has introduced ‘Custom Built Industrial Communication Displays’ (ANDON) in Indian Industries. These systems have been accepted as an effective management tool in industries. These systems are used in various applications, the main purpose of the system is to provide production related online information on the shop floor to initialize appropriate action by the concerned person to achieve the target. The system also communicates important messages viz. welfare message, awareness messages and greetings to all concerned within no time.


  1. To display ‘Production Target & Actual’ Figures per shift / day / month on the shop floor
  2. To display “Dispatch” quantities in the stores
  3. To give “Material Shortage Alert”
  4. To give “Maintenance Call Alert”
  5. To display “No of Interruptions ” and “Total Time Loss” in production
  6. To display “Accident-Free Man Hours”
  7. To display “Cumulative Data”

Digital Clock Features:

  1. Available in various sizes.
  2. Available in different colours.
  3. Single sided/Double sided.
  4. Alarms for hourly timings and emergency. (Optional)
  5. Volume control for alarm.(Optional)
  6. 12 Hours / 24 hours timings with blinking colon.
  7. Periodic display for date, month and room temperature. (Optional)
  8. Full elegant acrylic cover to suit aesthetics.
  9. Hanging / Wall Mounting arrangement.
  10. Time and Alarm setting through PC or touch keys.
  11. Multiple outlets with synchronized outputs.


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