Founder Story

A Self- Made Industry Leader in Lighting, Sourcing and Manufacturing

Mr. Deepak Sood born in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, and trained in commerce, Mr. Deepak learnt the business at his father’s knee in Bangalore, working his way up at the family concern.

In 1997, Mr. Deepak started their first venture in Pune to serve the western region. Mr. Deepak, as the Founder and Chief Evangelist of the Surya Marketing Corporation, not only supplies products to various industries, but also involved in other issues such as inventory management, cost optimization, vendor rationalization, energy management etc. He established the Surya/ SMC brand through a combination of knowledge, network, and expertise to cater to his clients and customers.

Mr. Deepak Sood is not only a great businessman but also a very good Golf player. He has participated in ACMA – an international Golf Tournament. He has also participated and led number of delegations for industrialists and exporters and recently he has participated in ZTT International, CRC – USA in India.


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