Surya Marketing Corporation Introduces CRC Smart Washers

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In May 31, 2017
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After cleaning vehicle parts, disposal of contaminated diesel and oil becomes a critical issue. This is because of the fact that severe harm is caused to the environment and soil when the diesel or petrol which was used for cleaning is thrown out.
To address the aforementioned problem, Surya Marketing Corporation introduced CRC Smart Washers, which have bio-remediating parts in the washing system, thus providing an alternative method for cleaning vehicle or maintenance parts without harming human beings or environment. Bio-remediation is a natural process to degrade and remove contaminants from the cleaning fluid, thus allowing re-use of the cleaning fluid.
The CRC Smart Washers introduced by Surya Marketing Corporation to a multinational automobile company. These Smart Washers consist of the Ozzy Juice, which has consistently been rated equal or better than the traditional, potentially hazardous cleaners. Ozzy Juice is a pH-neutral mixture of emulsifiers that contains almost zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while cleaning it converts contamination into carbon-di-oxide. As such use of petrol and diesel of cleaning activity is redundant and also damage to environment and soil is eliminated.
Smart Washer systems provide the user with an environment friendly product that eliminates the expense and liability of hauling liquid hazardous wastes, is cost effective, durable and safe to use manner.


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