Surya Marketing Corporation Introduces Air Amplifiers

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In May 31, 2017
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A multinational automobile company was traditionally using laser printing machine for printing serial number on cylinder head. After the cylinder head was completely painted, laser marking took place which generated smoke along with annoying odor, thus causing disturbance in the operations.
Considering the aforementioned problem, Surya Marketing Corporation introduced a venturi based air exhaust system, which extracts the fumes directly, thus avoiding smoke and foul odor from penetrating into the atmosphere.
This invention provides an air exhaust system and thus relates generally to ventilation. It decreases the risk of fire and provides excellent ventilation by evacuating and cleansing the air. It also an air exhaust system that is easy to mount on any wall.
This new invention by Surya Marketing Corporation eliminates hazardous material to be ventilated away from a work station


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